Good Credit is the Key

Owning a home is a dream with most Americans for good reason. Owning property and building your life is possible with The Bradburn Group. We help small businesses get the loans they need to grow their product or service so they continue to be competitive in today’s marketplace. A credit card is one of the best ways to increase and improve your score. But how do you go about getting the best one?
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Dedicated to Growth

The Bradburn Group is dedicated to improving credit reports, helping consumers achieve financial success, encouraging small business growth, and assisting our clients to improve, achieve, and surpass their personal and professional financial goals. By helping improve the credit files of our clients, we can raise your credit.

Tools to Help

  • Remove inaccurate items from credit reports.
  • Access to Small Business Loans.
  • Approval from Mortgage Lenders.
  • Credit Cards to improve credit standing.
  • Improve your overall credit health

How can the Bradburn Group help me?

Fill out the contact form below and a credit specialist we be in touch soon to answer any questions.


Unfortunately, it’s become common knowledge: Millions of credit reports contain errors and inaccuracies. For decades now, the average American consumer has been paying more in interest rates on credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, and more because of these errors. The Bradburn Group helps to ensure the three credit bureaus report your accounts accurately.

Partnering with the best companies in the business, your creditors and debtors will be required to submit all the documentation necessary to the credit bureaus for verification. Actions like these demand your credit report is accurate, making sure you get approval for mortgages, loans, or other lines of credit whenever you and your family need them. Don’t let errors on your credit file determine what you can and can’t do with your future.


Who We Work With

The Bradburn Group works with the Best in the Business

Our expert credit restoration services are powered by the best names in the business. Depending on your unique situation, your credit restoration solution may be powered by National Credit Care, Continental Credit, or Home Loans Assist.